The Oranges Immune-Boosting

THE IMMUNE SYSTEM ACTS AS THE FIRST LINE OF DENFENSE against harmful invaders like viruses and illness-causing bacteria,and as “demaged control” for the entire body-helping to heal and repair infection or disease-induced harm.immune responses involve a complex array of bodily processes that require nutritional compounds in order to function.fruits

The nutrients commonly found in orange foods have long been associated with immune support.Case in point:Oranges.

The citrus fruit and its juice are frequently praised for their immune-boosting vitamin C content.However,oranges and vitamin C provide only a small slice of a deliciously varied array od immune-supporting foods.

Most notably,Vitamin A,the B-vitamins,Vitamin D,Vitamin E,selenium,and zinc contribute directly to the immune response and are aboundant in many of your favorite fruits,vegetables,nuts,seeds,and superfoods.

if your quiz results suggest that you could use an extra few servings of “orange” foods in your diet,check out the following pages for a guide to the top 5 foods for immunity as well as a list of recipes that are far tastier and healthier than that glass of OJ.


Vitamin A, the B-vitamins,VItamin-D,VItamin-E,selenium,and zinc contribute directly to the immune response


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