Getting the blues never seemed so smart!

Foods that are physically blue or purple in color contain a wealth of antioxidanti nutrients that benefit the brain and central nervous system. In particular, anthocyanin the antioxidant pigment that gives these foods their indigo shades has been linked to maintaining long-term brain health,  extending the sharpness of memory and overall cognitive functioning that tend to decline with age.

Anthocyanins are also known for supporting circulation in the body. A brain cannit function in the absence od nutrients and oxygen, so a consistent blood flow is integral to its health.


” Anthocyanins are also known for supporting circulation in the body “


In addition to anthocyanin rich blue fruits and vegetables, foods rich in DHA omega-3 fatty acids have proven effective in improving and maintaining brain health. The gray matter tissue present in our brains is largely comprised of DHA fatty acids, a substance the body cannot produce on its own. To recive the building blocks of this grey mater, our body must rely on food sources. Absent or decaying ” gray matter ” has been associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, so including a hefty ddose of Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet could be beneficial for aging brains.


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