Top 10 Brain-Empowering BLUES&PURPLES


These popular legumes are often praised for their protein and fiber content,but what separates this variety from other beans is their rich anthocyanin content antioxidants supply a wide variety of health benefits,but they’ve come to recent attention for their protective effect on the brain.Though much is still being researched about anthocynin pigments,studies suggest that they may help the brain recover from trauma and help protect against age related brain degeneration.



Another anthocyanin-rich fruit,blackberries also contain healthful fiber and vitamin  C.

A 2009 Tufts University study found that anthocyanin–rich pigments potentially increase signaling between neurons in the brain,which could help to prevent inflammation in the brain.



Blueberries have become the poster child for the neurological benefits of anthocyanin pigments,and for good reason.Studies show that even short-term inclusion of blueberries in the diet can improve memory function in aging brains.Blueberries have also shown to have preventative effects against destructive brain processes leading Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease in several labaratory studies.



Like many of the foods in this section,the skin of the eggplant contains anthocyanin pigments.Specifically,the globe eggplant contains the anthocyanin nasunin,which has proven especially effective in protecting the brain’s fatty tissues.Cooked eggplant makes a delicious addition to any SouperBlast.



While plums come in a variety of colors,those with the darkest skin and flesh are typically highest in antocyanin antioxidants.However,all varieties provide a wealth of beneficial nutrients,and can be incorporated into NutriBlast Rx’s and SouperBlasts alike.Plum


In addition to its brain-protecting anthocyanin pigments,cabbage also contains sulfuric compounds known to assist in anti-inflammatory and detoxifying processes within the body.To reap the maximum benefits from superfood,enjoy raw in NutriBlast Rx’s or SouperBlasts,or cook for less than 5 minutes.



Like the other darkly colored foods on this list,dark purple grapes contain anthocyanin pigments shown extend brain health with age.Additionally,grapes contain resveratrol,an antioxidant variant linked to anti-aging benefits.Generally speaking,the darker in skin and flesh of the grape,the more antioxidant-rich it will be,so look out for dark blue-black varieties like the Condcord or Ribier grape.



Avocados conatin the highest concentration of healthy fats among all fruits,compounds that are essential to healthy brain development.Among these fats are Omega-3 fatty acids,which haev been found play a role in reducing harmful inflammation that can impair brain and other bodily addition to their healthy fats,avocados contain vitamin E,protein,and fiber.



These seeds contain a high proportion of brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids-over 100% of the recommended daily intake in just one 2-tbsp seving!Ti reap the benefits of these healthy fats,as well as the remaining nutrients locked within these somewhat slippery seeds,it is best to extract flax seeds in the NutriBullet Rx Prior to consuming.



These brain-shaped nuts are powerful sources of omega-3 fatty acids.which have been shown to help improve brain health and addition to hteir brain boosting prowess,walnuts also contain gamma-tocopherol,an especially heart healthy form of vitamin E.



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