Use this:

Cook from scratch!Start with whole,minimaly processed ingredients like fresh fruits and veggies,beans,and legumes.

Ignore This:

Don’t Go overboard seeking out “clean” foods.


People who eat clean focus on whole ingredients,mostly homemade,ideally organic or sustainable,without any additives or preservatives.Unlike Whole and Paleo,no food gorups are off-limits.

This concept also boasts an environmental benefit:

By eating chemical-free foods,you’re leaving a smaller carbon footprint.If you lived through the Space Age,you might consider things like artificial sweeteners a health boon.

“My grandmother has type 2 diabetes and she won’t hear anything bad about Splenda,”says 29-year-old food writer Cara Strickland.

“And she relies so much on processed foods”

But millennials seek to save the planet and their own health they see this back-to-basics approach as a way to do both.

Try replacing same of your favorite proccesed foods with homemade versions,such as making a batch of dinners for the week and freezing them or whipping up your own granola bars.



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