Every year an estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet. The attraction is understandable: Eat this ( but not that ) and you’ll finally “fix” everything-right? Science says otherwise. About 95 percent of people who diet and lose weight will put those pounds back on in less than five years. That’s because most diets base their claims on restrictions: give up x, then you’ll achieve y. That’s difficult to maintain and tough on your body.  Plus, as yourestrict calories, your metabolism slows down. So does weight loss. Then you feel depreved and frustrated. When you evaluate what you eat and why, you can costumize a diet strategy to make changes that last. Let’s figure otu what works for you.

5 Diet tips that never go out of style :

Use small plates. It’sa great portion menagement tool, particularly if you finish and feel full.

Look at the clock. Do you groze or overeat at certain times? Focus your effort there first.

Make a plan. Home at 5 p.m., nothing in the fridge, hungry family: That’s a recipe for disaster. A weekly meal plan can keep you on track.

Experiment. Diabetes doesn’t mea quitting your favorite foods, but it may mean rethinking how you prepare them. That’s what we’re here for!

Talk to an expert. A CDE or RD can help-a pro will save you time and fustration.

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