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The neightborhood  party had all the trimmings:roast,stuffing,dips,poraroes in every form,pies,cakes,cookies,and more.Booze flowed,The laughter and fellowship were great. I figure i ate and drank nearly 5.000 calories that night.

I’m Daniel finney.I’ve written about my struggles with weitght and diabetes for Diabetic living before.

At my peak,wheni was 39.i weighed 563 pounds.Arthritis set into my knees and back from carrying  the girth.I’m 41 now.I’ve lost about 25 precent of my body weight of my through diet and exercise.

I m on the right path to wellness.Still,days like the one i described come more often than i want.They trigger powerful self-loathing.I worry I’ll undo all the good i’ve done. Here is what i can tell you for sure: You are now what you eat.You are not one bad night

Sure,you’ll blow it accasionally.

The question isn’t why did i do that?

it’s what am i going to do about it?

The answer isn’t starvation but moderation.Have one bad day.Make the next one good.All it takes to restart an exercise routine is a single step.What is it that brings us to those holiday events:The food or the fellowship?For me,it’s the fellowshop.Whenever i have a bad day on food,I remind myself that fellowship is much easier to enjoy when my back and knees  don’t hurt  or i don’t feel awful about how my body looks.

Sure,you’re going to have a slice of pie.But the next day you’re going to hit gym harder and skip a dessert in favor of healthier meal.You’re going to fight for your quality of life because you want many more of these holidays celebrations to come.



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