Tree steps to better sex

Siking sugars,falling sugars,and long term complications.

Diabetes can get between you and fulfilling sex life.Our experts dish on the benefits and cammon issues of sex (and how to solve them),the conversations to have with care providers,and thoughtfuk ways to keep this disease out of bedroom.

Tree steps to better sex

As a person with diabetes,you have every reason to expect a terrific sex life.But haveing diabetes can be an occasional nuisance or even a constant bogetman in the bedroom.

“it may be a day of roller-coaster glucose reading that steals your extra energy,or you’re just felling awkward about wearing in insulin delivery or glucose monitoring device,”says Janis Roszler,LMFT,RD,CDE,a licensed marriage and family therapist and coauthor of Sex and diabetes: For Him and For Her (ADA,2007).”It could just be a day when burnout is getting the best of you..”

But you can minimize the callenges and maximize sexual pleasure,whatever baggage you bring   to the boudoir.

1. Communicate openly about what you’re feeling.Take your attention off the glucose levels for while;you might consider wearing a helps with spontaneity

2.”Apply a sense of humor,” Roszler says.”it helps you both laugh off the challenge moments.” Long term,years of glucose swings along with risk factors like excess weight,cigarette smoking,and uncontrolled blood preasure and lipids can take their toll,including on sex organs.

Yout circulatory and nervous systems play lead roles here.A form of diabetic nerve disease called autonomic neuropathy demages nerves  that menage your body’s automatic functions 24/7, from controlling blood pressure to digesting food and,yes,function of your sex organs.Then there’s blood flow.if it’s hampered,you might not recive enough blood below the belt to get aroused.

3. Glucose control and healthy lifestyle choices can greatly reduce these issues,Good sex offers a bevy of benefits,from physical to emotional,so it’s worh the effort,says Arnon Krongrad,M.D “Sex is a key ingredient for happy life that allows us a deeply meaningful level of trust and belonging.giphy-facebook_s.jpg


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