Easy Ways to Eat Healthy Now

You don’t need to overhoul your diet.These changes deliver big benefits but take very little effort.

Setting a goal of eating better often inspires people to attempt a 180 on their habits.Buts Those Intentions fail more  often than not.”People set unrealistic goals and attempt to make wholesale changes”,says of psychology at the University of British Columbia.”That all-or-nothing behavoir becomes overwhelming,Leaves you feeling deprived,and sets you up to failure.


That’s exactly why we’re advocating a more realistic approach:Try making just a few minor tweaks first.That helps the changes feel doable,not daunting,and you will see improvements in your health.”You have so many diet choices to make every day,so even if you make a change onlu some of the time,the benefits add up,”Lutes says.


A recent study by researchers at the University of South Australia supports that strategy.They found that replacing just 25 precent of discretionary foods (such as dessert,snacks,and sugary beverages) with healthy foods resulted in huge improvement in overall diet quallity-reducing sugars intake by almost 21 precent and calories by almost 4 percent,and increasing protein intake by about 2 percent.

That means that something as simple as trading a few cookies for a piece of fruit,a handful of chips for some fresh veggies,or a soda for a glass of sparkling water can make a big difference.Read on for nine strategies you can use to build your own presonalized small changes diet.

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