The Amazing Avocado

This nutrient-rich fruit makes for more  than just a delicious dip.And you don’t have to fear its fat.


For decades,the Food and Drug administration’s definition of “healthy” has been synonymous with law fat.which avocados decidedly are not.But the FDA is currently re-evaluating the term’s meaning on packaged food labels.Right now,a food can be labeled healthy if it’s fat content is predominately mono- or polyunsaturated.That’s becouse the most recent scientific evidence suggest that eating more of those types of fat and less of artery-clogging saturated and trans fats can help your health.

Avocados aren’t packaged foods,but whether high-fat food can be called healthy is still confusing to many. So,are avocados good for you? Yes,and there are many reasons why.

Vitamins Never Toasted So Good

Half of a medium avocado has 114 calories and 10 grams of fat.”That’s a lot of fat for a fruit or vegetable,but it is the type of fat we want people to eat,”says Lisa Sasson,M.S.,R.D.,a clinical associate professor of nutrition af New York University.

About 64 precent of the fat in avocados in monounsaturated,which lowers LDL. (“bad”) cholesterol levels,reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.And unlike junk foods,which offer little to no nutrition in exchange fo a load of calories,says Sasson,avocados give you an array of vitamins and minerals not often found together in one place.These include folic acid and vitamins B6,C,E,and K.

Avocados are particulary rich in blood pressure lowering potassium and fiber,containing almost 5 grams of fiber in half an avocado-about 20 precent of the amount you need in a day.1497642213629.jpg

They are an often overlooked source of the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin,antioxidants important for eye health.These compounds protect against macular degeneration by filteringout utraviolet light,which can demage the cells in the retina.

Thank to Avocados’ fat content,their lutein and zeaxanthin are readily available to the body (fat boosts carotenoid absorption).Pairing avocados with other fruits and vegetables helps with the uptake of the carotenoids in those foods,too.

How to Enjoy an Avocado?

Avocados one-two punch of fat and fiber makes them a particulary filling food.Guacamale is probably the most familliar avocado-based dish,but there are plenty of other ways to use these luscious fruits.”People claim they don’t have time to make breakfast or lunch” says Lisa Sasson, M.S.,R.D., but” all you have to do is cut and mash an avocado with a little salt and papper,spread it on toast,and top with slices of 3 minutes or less you can have a delicious,healthy meal.

Other Ideas: Whip avocados into smoothies,blend into dressings,work into egg dishes,add to salads,use to top a burger or in place of mayo on a sandwich.fill halved avocados with chopped veggies and serve as a side or druzzle slices with balsamic vinegar.



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