Don’t Miss These Nutrients

If you decide to give up meat,Reed Mangels,Ph,D.,R.D., suggest that you take care to get enough of these four key nutrients.

Vitamin B12, crucial for the brain and nervous system,is found mainly in animal foods.But many adults older than 50 have difficulty absorbing B12 from the usual sources.So look for fortified almond or coconut milk,breakfast cereals,and meat alternatives,like tempeh.vitaminb12deficiency.jpg-e1465030915815-750x400.png

Iron in its plant-based eaters of all ages.Pair iron-rich foods-lentils,soybeans,Swiss chard with sources of vitamins C,such as oranges and red bell peppers.Doing so helps boost iron absorption.


Protein needs may be higher for older adults,though not all experts agree on that.Hedge your bets: include a muslce boosting protein source such as beans,nuts,quinoa,or tofu at every meal.


Calcium requirements increase for men once they reach 70 and for women 50 and older. Cut back on dairy products and your intake of the bonebuilding mineral will probably take a hit.Include foods such as almons,broccoli,collard greens,kale,fortified soy or other plant milks,and tofu to meet your needs.


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