Develop your own personal cure for sitting disease by reclaiming lost opportunities for movement.

Reakky Run Errands – If you’re lucky enought to live near stores where you can shop, try walking or riding your bike instead of driving.

Stair-Climber Are Everywhere – Are there stairs where you work or typically run errands? Can you take them instead of  usnig the escalator or elevator? If you must take the escalator, just remember that even thought they’re moving, they’re still stairs: Instead of riding motioniess, stride up those steps.

Public Transportation Is Your Friend – Can the subway, bus or train get you to work or where you need to go? Jump at it. Walking to and from stops (plus the occasional ride spent standing) does wonders; Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the average public transportation ride requires 20 minutes of walking on average and 30 percent of people who take public transportation to and from work get more than 30 minutes of walking every day. If you have to drive, try parking a couple of blocks from work or the store.

Clean Up – If you use a home cleaning service, try letting them go and dust and vacuum yourself.

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