Add healthy pecan butters to your holiday ingredient list.Chef GAVAN MURPHY shows you how.

Most of us,at some point are going to give in to the sugar cookies and fudge sguares that overtake office counters and parties everywhere this season.Even so,this array of treats doesen’t mean you have to be an enabler to unhealthy eating habits.Instead,provide more gut-friendly indulgences by dropping the sugar and flour and adding nut butters to your ingerdient list.According to chef Gavan Murphy,know as the Healthy Irishman,cooking with nut butters is an effective way to maintain a low-carb-diet-even during the holidays.e3e39eec595bb86cc314f3223fda7728--nut-recipes-low-carb-recipes

“Everyone-especially us in the fitnes world-has a sweet tooth.”Murphy says”They want to have some sort of decadence.This is it.Pecan butters are your healthy treat.”With just four grams of sugar,nut butters are a perfectly healthy alternative for your holiday dessert cravings.They can be added to enhance Greek yogurt or any smoothie.Or they can be made into toothsome snacks like Murphy’s No-Bake Smash Balls(recipe at right).”Pecan butters are great treats on their pwn,”Murphy says.”They’re more decadent but also healthy because they’re low in sugar.”

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