Don’t go on a dessert binge this holiday season.Instead satisfy your sweet tooth with these healthy chocolates.

Barkthins Blueberry with Quinoa
You’ll get antioxidants from blueberries and dark chocolate with each bite.Not a blueberry fan? Other varieties pair chocolate with almonds,Peanuts,and pumpkin seeds.


Barnana Organic Dark Chocolate 
These chocolate-covered banana treats provide a potassium boost,which can help prevent cramping.Just don’t eat more than six or so at a time-the calories are on the high side.


Eating Evolved Signature Dark
It’s made with only three ingredients-cacao,coconut sugar and cacao butter-and the taste is surprisingly good.No wonder it’s a facorite of vegans and paleos alike.


Pb2 with Chocolate
With 85% fewer calories and 94% less fat than traditional peanut butter,this will curb your sweet tooth and povide muscle-building protein.Go ahead Toss it in a smoothie.


Lily’s Original dark Chocolate

Sweetened with stevia,this bar contains almost no sugar and even has 25% fewer calories than similar dark chocolates.
Bonus:it has inulin,a fiber that will make you feel fuller.


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