Who makes the testiest chocolate chip granola bar?The M&F staff decides,once and for all.

Contary to popular opinion granola bars aren’t just for 10-year old kids who need something to fuel their video game marathons.They are also a tasty,healthy option for you-provided you make smart choices.”Granola bars can be a good snack or a had snack”.says Jennifer Agustines,R.D., of Tampa,FL.
“You have to read food labels.”
Agustines top tips Look for “whole grains” or “whole grainoats” near the top of the ingredients list.Lean toward varieties that are lower in sugar (10 grams or less) and higher in fiber
(3 grams or more).
And if the calories are hugh (140 or more),eat them post workout or as a meal replacement.
Which bar testes best? Our staff members sampled five popular chocolate chip varieties and rated them from i (gross) to 5 (delicious).


  • Quaker chewy 

M&F taste rating:
This one earned top marks “it’s like a granola Rice Krispies treat.” senior designer Miguel Paredes says. But it was the dietitian’s least favorite.”there are a lot of preservatives.artificial flavors,and weird ingredients” Agustines says.”it’s just a hot mess.”

  • Kind 

M&F Taste rating:
A few complaints about aftertaste brought down this one’s score.But some samplers loved it.and it was the dietitian’s favorite.”it has a lot of whole grains and a decent amount of fiber and protein.” Agustines says.”I’m going to start giving this to my kids.

  • Cascadian Farm

M&F Taste raging:
Staffers liked(but didn’t love) this bar.
“Great oaty ness” senior social video producer Sarah Pusaten says.”I really enjoy the crunch”.The dietitian was less impressed.”There are no whole grains.” Agustines says.”it’s a decent bar.but there are better choices.”

  • Clif Crunch

M&F Taste rating:
This one lived up to its name.”Very crunchy.”Web producer Tom Briechie says.”Reminds me of graham chackers.” But people also foundit dry and bland. The dietitian wasn’t blown away,either.pointing to its 200 calories and 12 grams of sugar.

  • Nature Valley

M&F Taste rating:
Overall,staffers approved of this bar.”Good and crunchy.” photo director Tony Nolan says.”Slightly burnt taste.but i like that.”The dietitian dug it.too.”it’s almost exactly like the clif bar.but this one has whole grains.”It’s a good option.”


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