it’s gaining popularity,but not everyone agrees it helps what ails us.
If you want to find someone who has been helped by medical marijuana,you first have to go…pretty much anywhere.
These days,no matter where you live or what you think of drug use,you know somebody who has used some form of cannabis to heal themselves.From cancer patients to children with  epilepsy to soldiers coping with stress disorders to athletes with backaches,we live in an age where marijuana use is increasingly seen as a savior rather than a sin.In early 2017,a Quinnipiac University poll found that 93 percent of America voters support legalization of medical cannabis.There are now 46 states that authorize some form of medicinal use,and a survey by the Medical Marijuana Project found that more than 2,3 milion Americans are partaking of it legally.There’s no doubt that the drive to legalize pot is spreading across the country and that medical use is what’s behind the wheel.”People have been told their whole lives that this is a drug,that it’s a scary thing, that it leads to more dangerous things;”explains Dr.Adie Poe,an award-winning research who has studied the effects of medical marijuana for more than a decade with assistance from the National institute on Drug Abuse.”Some people have been convinced otherwise by the data on how much (cannabis) can help but the majority have had to see it help a grandchild with epilepsy or a friend going through chemo before getting on board with it.”
Not everyone,however,is a beliver.For instance there’s Dr.Stuart Gitlow,former president of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and how executive director of the Annenberg Physician Training Program in Addictive Disease.He belives “there’s no such thing as medical marijuana.That’s why there’s no FDA approval,no presribing and no medicine available looking for hard science to back up claims that cannabis is a cure-all.


Based on all he’s seen and read throughout his career,Dr.Gitlow has come to belive one thing about t he medical benefits of marijuana:There aren’t any. There is,he belives,”no reason from a medical prespective to use it.If you’re going to use it because you feel that you want to alter your brain’s native state,and you don’t care about the risk,be my guest.But for us to lie to people and tell them that there are significant benefits and minimal risks is not aceeptable.”
In particular,he is concerned about the risk of addiction.


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