Herbs have been used as food  and medicine for thousands of years.
They are incomparable for bolstering the body’s innate immune and defense systems.Their proterties increase the body’s ability to adapt to life’s inevitable stress .Used regularly,herbs act as a first line of defense,preventing ailments from accuring.They can also be put to good use to remedy cammon problems,including cuts and bruises,low-grade fevers and colds and inflammation.


For those undergoing  more radical treatment protocols for serious illnesses such as cancer,herbs can play an important secondary role,sustaining and replenishing the body’s vital energy.
The talented team of contributors for this issue offers herbal strategies for a broad array of everyday health issues.They present some of the amazing healing powers herbs offer us and explain how best to use these plants in order to take full advantage of their therapeutic benefits.Explore,for expample,how herbs are used effectively to treat urinary tract infections,help women deal with the symptoms of menopause,and tackle prostate and cardiovascular issues for men.Additionally,you can learn about calming herbs for kids and non-toxic tick and flea repellants for your pets.
OF course.herbs also serve up health benefits as healing foods.
This issue includes recipes for delicious gluten-free cooking.
Innovative herbal pizzas and herbal oils and butters.And Janice Master’s  “Winning at Weight Loss” is the most astute piece about dieting I have ever read.
My hope is that you will be inspired by these articles to incorporate herbs into your healing regimen,your daily diet and your garden so you and your family can reap the benefits of their remarkable healing possibilities.


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