Boosting Digestive Vitality

Reboot your digestion with these time-honored herbs,including mints,gentian ginger,dandelion and fennel.


According to the most recent statistics,digestive problems are on the rise in America.Whether due to genetics,biological sex,diet,lifestyle,stress,socioeconomic factor or even unknown causes,more than 70 million Americans suffer from conditions such as chronic constipation,diverticular disease,peptic ulcers,gastroesophageal reflux disease,gallstones,irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease,such as Crohn’s.
However,turning to herbal remedies for support of digestive health and vitality can be overwhelming,as there as so many herbs with beneficial effects to choose from! Thanks in large part to the internet,there is also as much good-quality information about their effectiveness and safety as there is bad or misleading advice.
With all these confouding variables in mind,it can be useful to look to the terminology used to desrcibe the actions,or properties,of herbal remedies to guide our decision-making processes.This language offers the opportunity to communicate,substantiate and make educated decisions about which herbs to choose.Following is an overview of the terminology often associated with properties of herbal remedies employed in support of digestive vitality.
Although assessing dietary and lifestyle factors that may negatively impact wellness is key,learning this language is the first step toward making informed choices regarding herbal support.


Regardless of the underlying causes or manifactures,digestive disorders account for a significant depreciation in quality of life and increased financial buren for millions of people across the country.With such swelling statistics in both incidence and healthcare costs.It is no wonder that many people experiencing digestive problems are drawn to and relief from the use of herbal remedies.


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