U.S Medical Marijuana Ratail sales were $1,6 billion in 2013 and could reach $6,8 billion in 2020

People who use marijuana will eend up using it addictively still.he’s also convinced that shouldn’t be justification to use it because it’s too soon to know if the drug is safe.
“That means the vast majority of people can use it once in a while and have no significant downside.That’s true in a car too….i can drive without a seat belt and the over-whelming likelihood is that i will never be hurt as a result,”
Gitlow explains.”But we madate seat bets to protect the minority of people who could end up addicted to marijuana by having limitations on widespread use.We have such limitations now.Why would we change that?”


Well,according to Dr.Poe,becoause the medical benefits of cannabis far outweigh any potential dangers.That’s because of something all our bodies rely on:the endocanabinold system (ECS).It plays a part in things like how we eat,sleep and stress out when there’s a big report due at work.Neurotransmitters are released in the brain that influence memory,movement,pleaseure and countless other functions and the ECS watches over it all.
“Think of the neurotransmitters in your brain as being like kids trying to cross the street when school’s out,”says Poe.”The endocannabinold system is the guard trying to get the kids across but at the right rate,It’s about volime control.”
There are,she adds,”countless answers as to how (Cannabis)restores biological processes,aids sleep and many other things.”Her years of researching convinced her cannabis can do a better job of relieving pain and inflammation than my opiold.”The single greatest public health impact cannabis could  have is to eliminate  our dependence on opioids,”explains Poe.”in states with medical cannabis laws,there are 25 precent fewer opioid overdoses.When petients are given acces to cannabis,they all on average reduce opioid use by half.With pharmaceutical drugs,the side effects are often more unbearable than the pain.Cannabis is less toxic with fewer side effects.”


The Effects
Even its most ardent supporters won’t say that medical marijuana is cure for everything that ails you.However,they can all offer up countless anecdotes about how cannabis can provide relief to make life worth living again.
For instance,Poe has worked with a retired Missouri police officer who saw her husband die in the line of duty.That results in such severe PTSD that she flies to Seattle once a month to visit on of the legal dispensaries there.
She buys some edible medical marijuana,returns to her hotem room where she takes it,sleeps for 10 straight hours for the first time all month,and then flies home.
Then there’s the story of young Coltyn Turner,who has aslo inspired Poe’s work.Coltyn is an illinois boy who was diagnosed with crohn’s disease as age II.Doctors tried all kinds of medications like Endacort and Humera to heal him and at one point,suggested removing 22 inches of his diseased bowels.Unwilling to put her son through that,Wendy Turner researched medical marijuana,She found a caregiver in Colorado and she sent her husband and Coltyn to experiment with using cannabis oils and brownies.
“A couple days into the brownie situation,my husband called to say he and Coltyn had taken a trip up to the mountains just go get out of the hotel and escape cabin fever.”Wendy explains.”He told me Coltyn was throwing snowballs and running around.A couple weeks before,he’d been in a wheelchair and hadn’t run in three years.”
However,as far as opponents like Gitlow are concerned.these are ultimately just stories and not science.”I’m not particularly interested in anecdotal stories.That’s not science.”he explains.”if we approved medicines on the basis of anecdotes,we would be back to the age of quackery with the sales of mercury and sliver-based products that have great danger and no significant value,but which anecdotally worked for some folks.If i have knee pain and you strike me in the head with a hammer, i m likely to say that my knee pain has dissipated.
That doesn’t mean my knee is better.it doesn’t mean we should hit everyone who has knee pain in the head with hammers.”

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