Unfortunately, the numbers are usually higher than you’d think, though sometimes there’s pleasant surprise. For instance, one slice of bread averages around 100 calories, but a whole cup of blueberries has only 85. Colorful greens and most herbs are amazingly low in calories, while simultaneously high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and other medicinal benefits. Two cups of fresh spinach has about 14 calories. Two tablespooms of chopped fresh basil has only 1. The caveat: Most dressings weigh in at about 100 calories per talespoon, so try substituting your favorite salsas instead, as their calorie count is quite low.

Many people also drink more calories than they realize. An 8-once glass of orange juice contains 110calories, a 6-ounce glass of wine around 150  and one large caramel macchiato has 250. On the lighter side, both sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon and herbal teas have none, with the added boost of plant power for improving health.

Calorie-Pound Equivalent

Another key number is 3,500- that’s the number of calories in one pound of body fat, which helps in understanding why it takes a while to lose it. On an average day doing my normal activities, my body burns about 1,800 calories. That means i have to eat less than that over an extended period in order to lose wight. While working to take off pounds, I targeted about 1,600 a day unless I burned significantly more calories than usual. Sometimes I went over, sometimes under, but that was the average, so I could run a calorie deficit that wouldn’t harm my body by depriving me of needed nutrients. Fasting and fad diets that create high calorie deficits will cause yo to lose weight quickly, but it will return just as fast when you halt the radical deprivation of nutrients. Doing the numbers helped me gave a clear, consistent picture of my calorie intakevs. output. Armed with this and my new mindset, I was ready to start moving in a healthier direction.

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