Theres are some useful antiviral herbs:

  • Andrographis (Androphis paniculata)

is my top go-to herb as an antiviral,and it also has immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory properties.It is commanly use in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicince in southest Asia.China and India.It is one of the most frequently used herbs and has a rich history of traditional use,as well as being the most studied herb for treating flu.There are several clinical trials confirming its success in treating and reducing symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections.
You can also use it for coughs.sore throat,urinary infections and acne.


Tincture:40 to 60 drops 2 to 3 times daily for up to 2 weeks(maximum).


  • ELDER (Sambucus nigra)

Elder flowers have a mild antiviral effect,but the fruits have much stronger antiviral and antioxidant properties.It is one of the most effective cold and flu herbs.In one study the extract was shown to slow down the virus and provide earlier symptom relief.I take elderberry syrup regularly as health tocis that is rich in antioxidants,but is has anti-flu and antiviral effects,too.It is particularly great for kids because they like the flavor.


2 to 3 cups daily made by steeping I tablespoon of flowers in i cup hot water for 15 minutes.

TINCUTRE:30 to 40 drops,3 to 5 times daily.
ELDERBERRY SYPRUP:Follow label directions You can also juice the fresh fruits if you grow your own or have access to them.
Add honey and i teaspoon vitamin C per pint of juice to preserve,and take i teaspoon,2 to 3 times daily.


  • THUJA (Thuja occidentalis)

Also known as western cedar,the boughts can be clipped and used as an infusion.Native Americans commonly used this herb for tis effective antiviral and antibacterial properties,which have been confirmed by modern science.Thuja leaf,in combination with echinacea (Echinacea purpurea;E.pallida) and wild indigo(Baptisa tinctoria) is an ingredient in the European remedy Esberitox.This popular colds and flu fighter is also available in the United States.


3 Tablets,3 times daily.


  • UMCKALOABO(Pelargonium sidoides)

is a traditional herb from South Afrcia.where it is commonly used for colds and flu.In Germany it is also extremly popular and is an approved drug for treating acute has antiviral,antibacterial,anti inflammatory and immune modulating effects.its active ingredients are polyphenols,which are very strongly antiviral.


TABLETS:1 to 2 several times daily(or follow label instructions)
TINCTURE:20 to 30 drops,2 to 3 times daily.


  • GARLIC(Allium sativum)

    Is a great antiviral.The cloves can be blended in honey(i to 3 cloves per pint)to help prevent and reduce recovery time for throat infections.colds and flu and sinus infections.


Take 1/2 teaspon several times daily,up to 6 times.You can read more about garlic under Antibacterials.



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