Best Frutis For Heart Health

cranberriesCranberries High in antioxidant:used in maintaining a healthy urinary tract.fighting off infections and assisting with kidney stones.Cranberries also contain ingredients that specialize in fighting heart disease and cancer and reducing dental plaque.

Pomegranate11.jpgPomegranates Increase heart health by lowering cholesterol and reducing also shown that pomegranates inhibit breast,colon and prostate cancer and leukemia,while preventing vascular changes that promote tumor growth.

blueberries (1).jpgBlueberries Containing the key antioxidant,anthocyanin blueberries neutralize harmful free-radicals.They have anti-aging,anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

download.jpgCherries Contain potent anti-inflammatory effects.Recent studies show that men and women who ate 45 cherries per day had lower levels of inflammatory markers in their blood due to the fruit’s anthocyanin component.

A study publishing some years aho in Arthritis Today showed that women who ate more than 15 strawberries per week were less likely to have high levels of C-reactive protein(CRP),a marker for inflammation.Elevated CRP levels are also associated with an increased risk of heart disease.


Probiotics contain health-promoting bacteria such as lactobacillus species that accur naturally in our intestinal tract.They help to alleviate allergic inflammation,as well as gastric and intestinal inflammation.
Sources: yogurt,kefir,tempeh,miso,sauerkraut,pickles
If supplemental probiotics are taken,the daily minimum dosage should be 3 billion or more live colony-forming units.Fiber been shown to promote the growth of these healthy have “probiotic” foods such as onion and artichokes.

FIBER (Frutis,vegetables,whole grains favored or supplements)

Fiber in whole grains seems to reduce rates of atherosclerosis in both men and woman.When added to a standard cholesterol-lowering diet,fiber can lower total cholesterol and the LDL:HDL ratio by more than 6%.


Psyllium(plantago ovata) 
Psyllium is amon the most studied sources of fiber investigators belive it can decrease cholesterol by absorbing dietary fats in the GI tract and increasing cholesterol elimination in fecal bile acids.
Some patients with high cholesterol who consume psyllium-containing cereals can experience a 5% decrease in total cholesterol and 9% decrease in LDL-cholesterol.
Psyllium-enriched cereals lower blood total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol,but not HDL cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic adults.Children who eat psyllium enriched cereals can also experience a decline of 7% in their LDL-cholesterol.

The overall effects of oat bran are a bit better than psyllium,with an LDL reduction of 17% to 26%.Oat bran can also lower triglycerides in hypercholesterolemic patient by up to 28%.Over three-quarters of patients following a healthy heart diet appear to gain further benefit in lipid profile from the addition of oat or rice bran.It seems to work by decreasing absorption of cholesterol.fatty acids and biliary cholesterol or bile.
Note:Seperate oats and fiber from most prescriptions by 2 hours or more.

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