Adopting long-term changes is the best way to normalize your adrenal function, but sometimes you need a quick ” go-to-go ” when life throws you a curveball. These activities can offer temporary relief.

Move your body – Exercise will make you feel more energized, awake and alert. Take a 10 minute walk outside, do jumping jack for 60 seconds or simply get up and stretch. If you are suffering from significant adrenal fatique, try a gentler approach like swimming, yoga or tai chi.

Get in the om zone – Engaging in meditation can calm the mind and interrupt the destructive phyysiological cycle of chronic stress. This was shown during a recent study of 18 breast cancer survivors. Those who took part in a meditative yoga group had significantly lower morning and evening salivary cortisol levels after eight weeks an indication of better HPA axis function as well as improved emotional well being and less fatique.

Go bananas – One of few fruits that contain both simple and complex carbohydrates, bananas provide immediate energy plus long-lasting endurance.

Have a cuppa – A recent report founf that the pairing of caffeine and L-theanine in green and black tea decreased mental fatique and improved alertness, reaction time and memory. What’s more, black varieties can gelp you recover from stress, according to researchers at University College London.

Tap into some flower power – Texas A&M researchers found that volunteers who kept a vase of vibrant flowers on their desks generated more creative ideas than those in a veggetation-free setting.

Tune into your tunes – One study fouund that people who donned headphones while they worked were 10 percent more productive than without them.

Take a breath – Inhale as deeply as you can, making sure yout stomach expands with eachh breath. repeat a few times to instantly reenergize.

Snag some ZZZZZZZs – Taking a 20 minute afternoon nap can help restore tour energy leveles. Just don’t sleep too long or your body will go into deep sleep mode,  and you’ll be left feling groggy.

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