HERBS For Health

96242113.jpgGINGER(zingiber officinale) is a tasting digestive aid that makes a welcome flavor addition to many soups.It improves cardiovascular function and is an effective anti-inflammatory and cicrulatory tonic that warms from the inside out.


garlic-raw.jpgGARLIC(Allium sativum) is a well-known cardiovascular tonic that also lowers cholesterol.A basic flavor ingredient for many soups.garlic has antibiotic and antiviral qualities that are legendary.


astragalus-membranaceus-img.jpgASTRAGALUS(astragalus membranaceus) is a perfect for many recipes because  it has a very mild flavor.This adaptogenic herb strenghens immune function and increases endurance.while regular use reduces the incidence of colds and flu.



DONG QUAI(angelica sinensis)
adds a smoky,sweet hint to soup and is an effective blood builder,particularly for anyone who is anemic.



nettle-urtica-dioica-3.jpgNETTLE (Urtica dioica) is a nutrient-rich,spinach like green herb/vegetable.Unusually high in iron and minerals,nettle strengthens the adrenals to combat stress.This delectable green adds a wonderful earthy flavor to soup.it can be used dried or picked fresh in the spring(use gloves to avoid the “sting”)


Benefits Of Burdock (Arctium Lappa) For Health (2)
BURDOCK(Arctium lappa)
is also known as gobo(available in natural food stores and Asian markets). With flavor reminiscent of an earthy carrot.this root vegetable/herb fosters digestion and immunity and is effective in liver detoxification.


download (1).jpgDANDELION(Taraxacum officinale) is a cammon garden weed,which few think of eating(don’t pick it anywhere lawns are treated with synthetic herbicides).Simply dig dandelion up at any stage of growth,wash well and add the whole root and/or leaves to soup.Remove the root before serving,and since its taste can be slightly bitter,use only one root per recipe.As a diuretic tonic herb and blood cleanser,dandelion is useful for skin eruptions and liver congestion.




GINSEG (Panax ginseg) warms the body and strengthens the heart and circulatory capacity.This popular king of all tonics nourishes the blood ,reduces blood sugar levels and helps overcome fatigue,its flavor is slightly bitter.




LYCII BERRY(lycium chinensis) is a small fleshy fruit that,adds a hint of color and a mild,sweet flavor.it strengthens the blood.builds immunity and improves liver kidney function.



MACA (Lepidium meyenii) 
a turnip-like root vegetable native to the Andes,has been revered by natives for centuries.Though normally sold as a dietary supplement,the herb powder can be used in a variety of dishes from soups to muffins.it has a mild and slightly sweet caramel flavor.


download (2).jpg
SLIPPERY ELM (ulmus rubra:U.fulva) 
is the inner bark of a native North American tree.it is mucilaginous (slimy and soothing) and good for internal membranes such as the stomach lining.it is used in lozenges for soothing sore throats and in baby foods for nutrition and to ease colic.

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