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Considered a villainous weed in many gardener’s tale,ground ivy is a cammon occurrence ,or nuisance,in many gardens,lawns and even urban street lots across the globe.A member of the mint family,ground ivy is an incredibly powerful upper respiratory astringent with profound drying and toning effects.

In addition,this cammon weed contains gentle antimicrobial compounds.which can assist in warding off infectious bacteria and viruses.With the combined effects of astringent and antimicrobial properties,the stalwart ground ivy is considered helpful for allergic manifestations that include copious amounts of runny mucus and a tendency toward infection.Taken as an extract or tea,ground ivy acts on the upper respiratory tissues in a similar,yet more intesive capacity than stinging nettle by drying up excess secretions and fortifying the membranes’ net-like role as our first line of defense against pathohenic organisms and allergens.

Ground ivy


Although the exact physiological responses to the properties of cleavers are not well understood.for centuries herbalists have interpreted the actions of this cammon spring green as being supportive to the flow and filtering of lymph within the lymphatic system.This system runs parallel to our blood vessels,capturing excess blood plasma from the tissues and returning it our blood flow in a cleansed,or filtered,form.
This filtering takes place in the numerous lymph nodes that are part of the lymphatic system,where wastes,foreign substances,pathogens and other undesirable particles are trapped and prepared for elimination from the body.Our lymph nodes also house the white blood cells responsible for our immune response,and they sit back waiting to sound the alarm should an intruder be detected.

The use of cleavers is often promoted during the spring allergy season to encourage”blood cleansing”and to fortify and refine the activity of our immune response.Similar to stinging nettle.many herbalists belive that cleavers are most effective in their freshest form.The properties of cleavers can be easily extracted in alcohol to create a homemade tincture,or they can be run through a juicer and added to smoothies and other juices.


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