Miracle Potassium Cleans Your Arteries

Years ago,we selected four senile people we felt could be helped.We put them on The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle with the ACV drink and healthy foods rich in potassium.Out of the hour,we were able to save three of them.All three left the convalescent home where they had been confined and became healthy,happy and self-sufficient!Two of them made remarkable recoveries.One went back to contracting and building at 80,and the other in his mid 80s resumed his accounting career!


Most senile people suffer from a clogged arterial system.Potassium is to the soft tissues of the body as calcium is to the hard structures.The Potassium goes into the clogged,caked arteries and cleans out the rust and dirt just like vinegar water removes grime from windows.One can’t think clearly if arteries are heavily clogged with cholesterol and toxic poisons.

Potassium might be called the great detergent of the arteries.Potassium might be called the great detergent of the arteries.Potassium slows down hardening and clogging processes that cause deadly harm to the whole cardiovascular system.Organic,raw ACV contains miraculous potassium that also makes flesh of farm animals healthier and more tender.There is very little doubt,in animal and man,that the main function of potassium is to keep tissues healthy,soft and pliable,which helps to prevent heart attacks and strokes!

“There is no wealth greater than the healthy of the body– The Bible”


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