Healthy lifestyle Promotes Sound Sleep

Your nerves are continually irritated when you do not eliminate the toxins from your body.How is it possible to get a good night’s rest with irritated nerves? When we faithfully live our Bragg Healthy Lifestyle,exercise,breathe deeply and perform weekly 24 hour fasts,we enjoy and earn sound sleep! discovered that when our students discard their stimulants and begin a regular fasting program,they too enjoy a more restful,deep sleep.


You will notice as you purify your body that you will be able to relax more readily.You will be able to enjoy naps and you will reap the benefits of a long.restful. night’s sleep.Rest is important! The Bible tells us that God appointed one day of rest every week for man.In this wise law,we have ample support for our contention that frequent changes of activity is an important factor in maintaining Super Health.To complement our busy days,we require and enjoy a variety of fun recreational activities.This old adage is true and wise advice to follow:All work and no play does make Jack and Jill dull and tired.

  • Whatever accurs in the mind ,effects the body and visa versa.Mind and body cannot be considered independently.When the two are out of sync.both emotional and physical stress can erupt.
  • Many people do not earn their rest.Rest must be earned with physical and mental activity,because they go hand in hand
  • When your body is completely relaxed then you will experience an inner peace,inner serenity and the true joy of living.

LifeStyle Suggestions That Enhance Sleep

  • Avoid Stimulations:caffeine( in coffee,some teas,even green teas,soft 5-tips-for-better-sleep-728x400.jpgdrinks,chocolate,sugar) and nicotine (found in cigarettes and other tobacco products).
  • Don’t Drink Alcohol to “help” you sleep,it’s unhealthy!
  • Have Herbal teas — anise,lemon balm,sleepytime,chamomile(beware some Green Teas have caffeine), or try melatonin,tryptophan (5HTP),valerian,calcium and magnesium supplements; they work miracles.
  • Exercise regularly .but try to be finished with your workout no sonner than 2 hours prior to bedtime.
  • Avoid foods you may be sensitive to. Reactions can cause excess congestion,gastrointestinal upset,bloating or gas.
  • Associate your bed with recharging sleep— it’s wise not to sit on it to work or watch TV. try a memory 2″ foam topper (so comfortable) on your firm mattress.
  • Don’t nap during the day ,if you suffer from insomnia.
    Remember,earn better sleep by exercise and day activity.

The Body Has the Seed of Eternal Life

Outside of fatal accidents,there is no reason why a person should leave before his or her time.It has been proven by some of the greatest scientific minds that there are no special disease of old age.A person should not die simply because they live to 60,70,80 or 90 years of age.because calendar age is not toxic.People create their toxins by their lifestyle of eating and living habits.
Most people die of some fatal condition that they have built into their bodies by incorrect living or by violating the natural laws that govern the physical body.
The two great enemies of life are toxic poisons( found in some foods,air,water and soil) and the nutritional deficiences caused by unhealthy diet.The best prevention of sickness is to eat vital.healthy foods(organic is best and safer),especially those high in potassium.These provide the body with nourishment.

Every 90 days a new bloodstream,the river of life,is built in the body by the foods you eat.the liquids you drink and the air you breathe! From your bloodstream the body’s cells are made,nourished and maintained.
Every 11 months we have a new set of billions of miraculous body cells,and every 2 years we have an entirely new set of bones and hard tissues.There is no reason to get old because the body is constantly cleansing and renewing its cells to keep your precious miracle human temple healthy for a long,fulfilled,happy life!

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