Negative Emotions Bad for Health & Body

There are many negative and destructive form of thought which react in every cell in you body! The strongest is fear,and its child,worry – along with depressions,anxiety,apprehension,jealousy,ill-will,envy,anger,resentment,vengefulness and self-pity.All of these negative thoughts bring tension to the body and mind,leading to waste of energy,enervation and also slow or rapid poisoning of the body.Rage,intense fear and shock are very violent and quickly intoxicate the whole system.Worry and other destructive emotions act slowly but,in the end,have the same destructive effect.Anger and intense fear stop digestive action,upset the kidneys and the colon causing total body upheaval(diarrhea or constipation,headaches,pains,fever,etc.).


“A man is literally what he thinks.His character being the complete sum of all his thoughts,”-Quote from “As a Man Thinketh a literary essay by Jmaes Allen, published 1902.

Fear,worry and other destructive habits of thought muddle the mind! A cristal clear mind is needed to reason to your best advantage,enabling you to make sound,healthy decisions! An emotionally,upset clouded mind often makes unwise and unhealthy decisions and might be unable to reach any positive conclusions at all!

Most humas are so full of worry that they belive they can never overcome their miseries.Worrying about a problem does not solve it–it only makes things worse.
As we said before,you can literaly “worry yourself to death”.A Hollywood neighbor of ours almost did!

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