It’s Never Too Late For You to Seek and Build Radiant Health !

The Creator gave us brain intelligence and reasoning power to take control of our body! But flesh is dumb! You can stuff anything in your stomach and almost het away with it until the day of reckoning arrives! Most young people live this way, because they falsely believe they are totally indestructible! But what a sad lesson they learn agter 30 or 40 years of wrong living! The infirmities and the aches and pains creep into their bodies, making life miserable and proving to them that their dream of indestructibility was a myth and a lie!

Live by wise reasoning mind, rather than by senses of the body. The dumb senses are constantly enticing you to do the very things that destroy your miracle body. Look around you at  the sad, broken-down guman sights you see. Weak people, mentally depressed people and sickness is everywhere! The average person’s suffering – it’s sad but true – it’s self-inflicted… a slow, self-murder!



Whatsoever a man soweth, he shall also reap!

We should know and observe the fact everything in the universe is always governed by definite wise laws. If we understand and follow these universal health laws we will sow seeds of constructive, healthy living!

Make every day a healthy day and each day you will improve!

You will feel new strength and energy flooding into your body! the feelings you will experience when you live 100% The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle are indescribable! What ann incredibly powerful and joyful feeling it is to be fully alive and vigorous, with unlimited energy and powerful nerve force.

Weak people find weak  excuses to continue living their unhelthy lifestyle. They will tell you they are too old to begin Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Program. Agehas no force, nor is it toxic! Time is just a measure. Long ago, The Bragg family gave up living by calendar years. We only live by biological years and we feel ageless!

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