Eat More Healthy Fiber for Super Health

EAT ALL VARIETIES OF BERRIES, surprisingly good sources of fiber.

KEEP BEANS HANDY, probably the best fiber sources. Cook dried beans and freeze in portions. Use canned beans for faster meals.

INSTEAD OF ICEBERG LETTUCE, choose deep green lettuces ( romaine, bib, butter, etc. ), spinich or cabbage for variety salad.

LOOK FOR “100% WHOLE WHEAT” or whole grain breads. A dark color isn’t proof; check labels, compare fibers, grains, etc.

WHOLE GRAINS CEREALS. Hot, also cold granolas with sliced fruit.

GO FOR THE BROWN RICES. It’s better for you and so delicious.

EAT THE SKINS of potatoes and other fruits and vegetables.

LOOK FOR CRACKERS with at least 2 grams of fiber per ounce.

SERVE HUMUS, made from chickpeas, instead of sour-cream dips.

USE WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR for baking breads, muffins, pastries, pancake, waffkes and for variety try other whole grain flours.

ADD OAT BRAN, WHEAT BRAN AND WHEATGERM to baked goods, cookies, etc.; whole grain cereals, casseroles, loafs, etc.

SNACK ON SUN-DRIED FRUIT, such as apricots, dates, primes, raisins, etc., which are concentrated sources of nutrients and fiber.

INSTEAD DRINKING JUICE, eat or blend fruit: orange, grapefruit, etc.; and vegetables: tomato, carrot, etc.

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