Good Sleep is Cornerstone of Good Health

Eight hours nightly is the optimal amount of sleep for most adults! Science has established that a sleep deficit can have serious,far reaching effects on your health!


Interrupted or Lack of Proper Sleep Can:

  • Dramatically weaken your immune system
  • Accelerate tumor growth with severe sleep dysfunctions
  • Cause a pre-diabetic state,making you feel hungry and then you over fuel your body causing obesity
  • Seriously impair your memory.Even a single night of poor sleep(1-6 hours) can impact ability to think clearly
  • Impair your performance and physical or mental tasks
  • Can also increase stress-related disorders including:
    Heart Disease,Stomach Ulcers,Constipation,Mood Disorders,Personality Upsets and Depression

Don’t Use Toxic Chemicals to Induce Sleep

Sleep is the greatest revitalizer we have,but few people geta a long,peaceful and refreshing night’s sleep.Most people habitually use stimulants like tobacco,drugs,coffee,tea and other caffeinated drinks which batter tired nerves! People who use these toxic stimulants never have complete rest and relaxation because nerves are always in an exicited condition.Sadly millions take some type of drug or alcohol to induce sleep with sleeping drugs or alcohol.You may drug yourself into unconsciousness,but that very drug will deprive you of a normal,restful,healthy,recharging and satisfying sleep.


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