Apples Are Rich in Potassium and Enxymes

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Is a familiar wise saying to millions.The apple is one of God’s great health-giving foods. Apples contain enzymes,boron,iron,minerals,trace minerals,pectinsoluble fiber and good source of potassium,which is to the soft body tissues as calcium is to teh bones and harder tissues.Potassium is the mineral of youthfulness; It’s the “artery resilient. It’s a fighter of dangerous bacteria,viruses and helps dissolve fat.Yes,when you say,“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” this is good,down-to-earth old-fashioned folk medicine for vibrant, life-lon health! Since the Garden of Eden the apple has played a vital part in our destiny.People have been eating apples for thousand of years.Apple eaters have a certain healthfulness that non-apple eaters never achieve.


Apples are delicious fruits that most people enjoy eating,but we look on the organic apple as more than something good to eat.Potassium is the key mineral in the constellation of minerals; It’s so important to every living that without it there would be no life! Most humas are potassium deficient and it reflects in their cell tissues and throughout their entire body.Look around you.How many people do you see that have the super apple glow of health?


The universally accepted 81 fruit,the apple,is popular across America and around the world.Early American settlers,the Pilgrims,Brought apples to America in the 1600s and become Johnny “Appleseeders”,stating apple orchards that eventually spread throughout America.

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