Healthy Foods Give a High Health Vibrations They Contain Life-Giving Subsances

When you eat only foods that are in a high health vibration,your body performs and operates by God’s Universal Law and becomes a miracle self-starting.self goverment.self-generating instrument! We want you to live by Mother Nature’s and God’s Laws so your body will be a miracle working instrument for a long life!


If you have the desire to retain vitality,energy and enthusiasm of youth and the desire to turn back the clock of Father Time—you can start now! If your body is bent,eyes are dimmed and gait is halting when you should be bouyant with the spirit of youthfulness.then please start now. We say: There is buy one way to live and that is Mother Nature’s and God’s Healthy Way!


The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Program consists only of foods in a high rate of health vibrations.Many have the preconceived idea that animal protein is the highest rate of food. While protein is an important nutrient to the body,healthier vegetarian protein is best! Organic fresh fruits and vegetables have high health vibrations.Fruit produces blood sugar, which helps to feed the nerves of the body.Fruit has a two told purpose in the body.First it’s rich in blood sugar; second,it’s also important detoxifier and destroyer of harmful toxins that do the body harm!

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