Maintain Youthful Posture for Super Health

There is a fundental relationship betwenn good posture and youth on the one hand and between bent posture and age on the other! To maintain the posture of youth actually means to maintain youth itself,because of the basic relationship between the healthy,normal spine and bodily vigor: the condition that signifies youth,irrespective of how many years one has lived on Earth!

The most easily recognized sign of premature ageing is the forward bending of the spine,combined with “rounded shoulders” that accompany it.Prematurely old people often exhibit this condition toa an extreme degree,almost bending over double.Even some school children sometimes display early signs of premature ageing. . .
poor posture,stooped,rounded shoulders,and sunken in chest! On the other hand,people of advanced years,by simply straightening their spines and walking more erect,appear 10-30 years younger than they really are!
Look around at family,friends,etc. and notice postures of all ages and see what I mean! We enjoy posture wathcing.

One’s entire life must be a constant fight to maintain the correct,erect posture,for this gives your heart and internal organs room to operate more efficiently.
Remember,the spine is the fundamental structure of the body.Along with the brain,the spine constitutes the center of the nervous system! All other parts of the body are,so to speak,appendages of the spine.Keep that spinal column straight.keep it flexible and youthful! Good health and longevity depend on a healthy,erect body.
Never cross your legs – sit tall with both feet on floor.
Stretch up your spine to sit,stand and walk tall.Check your body and posture (bet in bathing suit or nude) in full mirror.See where you are on the posture chart
-perfect,fair or poor? Start Improving from today on!


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