HEALTHY BEVERAGES(Fresh juices,Herb Teas & Energy Drinks)

These Freshly squeezed organic vegetable and fruit juices are important to The Bragg Healthy’s not wise to drink beverages with your  main meals,as it dilutes the digestive juices.But it’s great during the day to have glass of freshly squeezed orange,grapefruit,vegetable juice,Bragg Broth (1/2 to 1tsp.Bragg Liquid Aminos in cup of hot distilled water)-these are all ideal pick-me-up beverages.
Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail– Mix 1-2 tsps.Bragg ACV Blend or ACV and to taste raw honey.agave nectar or pure maple syrup(if diabetic,to sweeten use 2 stevia drops) in 8 oz,of distilled or purified water.Take glass upon arising.hour before lunch and dinner.Bragg Organic ACV drinks how available in 7 fruit flavors.
Delicious Hot or Cold Cider Drink – Add 2-3 cinnamon sticks and 4 cloves to water and boil.Steep 20 minutes or more .Before serving add Bragg vinegar and sweetener to taste (Re-use cinnamon sticks & cloves).
Bragg Favorite Juice Cocktail – This drink consists of all raw vegetables (remember organic is best) which we prepare in our juicer or blender: carrot,celery,cucumber,beets,cabbage,tomatoes,watercress,kale,and parsley,etc.The great purifier,garlic we enjoy,but it’s optional.
Bragg Favorite Healthy Energy Smoothie – After morning stretch and exercises we often enjoy drink below instead of fruit.It’s a delicious and powerfully nutritions meal anytime: lunch,dinner or take in thermos to work,school,sports,gym,hiking,to park or freeze for popsicles.


Water – The Body’s Vital Lubricant

The body,in its own way,is greased and oiled automatically.The body’s basic lubricant is water.It permits organs to slide against each other – as when you bend down.It helps bones to move in their joints.
You couldn’t bend a knee or elbow without water and it also acts as a shock-absorbing agent to ward of injury the blows,Applied hydraulically in various parts of the body,it is used to build and hold pressures.The eyeball is a good example of this particular function of water.Muslce tone cannot be maintained without adequate water,for the muscles are 75% water.This is another reason why fatique hits the dehydrated body!

Water is Key To Health & All Body Functions:

  • Elimination
  • Circulation
  • Digestion
  • Bones & Joints
  • Muscles
  • Metabolism
  • Assimilation
  • Heart
  • Nerves
  • Energy
  • Sex
  • Glands

Drinking 8-10 glasses daily of pure distilled purified water cleanses and water recharges the human batteries!

Water flows through every single part of your body,cleansing and nourishing it.But the wrong kind of water,with inorganic minerals,harmful toxins,chemicals and other contaminants can pollute and clog your body,and gradually stiffening it painfully


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