Your Waist-Line is Your Life-Line, Date-Line and Health-Line !

Get a tape measure and measure your waist. Write down the measurement. If you consciously pirsie cigorous abdominal and postural exercises combined with correct eating and a weekly 24 hour fast ( and later on, 3 to 7 day fasts ), in a short time you’ll see a more trim, youthful waist-line! Let’s het youts down to where it should be, if it has grown too big and fat. It’s a trim, lean horse for the long race of life! I’m sure we all want longevity!

Studies show the bigger the waist-line – the shorter the life-spam !

Living The Healthy Lifestyle is so wise and wonderful. Your life and each day is a precious gift to treasure, guard and enjoy!

People abuse their abdomens abominably! You cannot eat ungealthy, high calorie snacks and fast foods and think they won’t show! You are wrong! Dead, devitalized foods create toxic poisons inside your body. This unhealthy over-eating all adds flabby unhealthy fat and inches to your abdomen and body.

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