Coffee – America’s #1 Drug Addiction

Coffee drinking (caffeine) is the #1 drug addiction in America! Millions of pounds of coffee are sold to Americans yearly.That’s not to mention the caffeine in soft drinks.Plus there’s millions of addicted chocoholic hooked on chocolate and sugar – a harmful combo! The shocking list of caffeine-related side effects include:high blood pressure,anger,rage,hypertension,arrhytmia,elevated cholesterol,increased tendencies to allergies,chronic fatigue and many autoimmune disorders,etc.

You see unhappy people about you every day.Sadly they are washed out and ageing  prematurely@ Many lack sin and muscle tone and have dark circles and puffy (water) bags under their eyes.Their eyes lose the sparkle of health and youthfulness and become like dead fish eyes.Malnourished people are mostly lifeless and everything they do requires a tremendous effort.They are not really  living and most are not happy .Many suffer from depression and mental fatique – nerve burnout.

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