Fitness Promotes Health and Longevity It’s Never Too Late to Start!!!

Muslce Strenght in the average adult decreases by 30% to 50% during the course of life,mostly consequences of a sedentary unhealthy life,mostly consequences of a sedentary unhealthy lifestyle and other contrillable factors (diet habits,etx.) Muslce atrophy and weakness are not merely cosmetic problems with the frail elderly.

Researchers now link muscle weakness with recurrent falls, major cause of immobility and death,sadly in American elderly population.This is causing millions of dollars yearly in staggering medical costs! Previous studies have also suggested weight-training can be helpful in reversing age-related muscle weakness.

But Fiatarone said physicians have been reluctant to recommend weight-lifting for the frail elderly with multiple health problems.Now this study shows great importance of keeping the 640 muscles as active and fit as possible to maintain general good health.Pioneer Fitness Crusader Dr.Kennteth Cooper of Dallas,Texas is dedicated to improving American’s health,fitness and longevity

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