Healthy Heart Habits for Long,Vital Life

Remember,organic life foods life people.You are what you eat,drink,breathe,think,say and do.So eat a low-fat,low-sugar,high-fiber diet of organic fresh raw salads,sprouts,greens,vegetables,whole grains,fruits,raw seeds,nuts,fresh juices and chemical-free,purified or distilled water.

Earn your food with daily exercise,for regular exercise,for regular exercise,brisk walking,etc.improves your health,stamina,go-power,flexibility,endurance and helps open the cardiovascular system! Only 45 minutes a day truly can do miracles for your heart,arteries,mind,nerves,soul and body! You become revitalized with new zest for living to accomplish your life goals!


We are made of tubes.To help keep them open,clean and to maintain good elimination,take 1 veg psylium cap or add 1 tsp psyllium husk powder daily – hour after dinner to juices,herbal teas,even Bragg Vinegar Drink.Another way to guard against clogged tubes daily is to add 1-2 tsps Soy Lecithin granules (fat emulsifier melts like butter) over potatoes,veggies,soups and juices,etc.Also take one Cayenne capsule (40,000 HU) daily with a meal.Take 50 to 100 mgs.regular-released Niacin(B3) with one meal daily to help cleanse and open the cardiovascular system,also improves memory.Skin flushing may accur,don’t worry about this as it shows it’s working! After cholesterol level reaches 180,then only take Naicin twice weekly.

The heart needs healthy balanced nutrients,so take natural multi-vitamin mineral food supplements,Omega-3 extra heart – vitamin E with mixed Tocotrienols,Vitamin c,Ubiquinol CoQ10,D3,MSM,D-Ribose,garlic,Turmeric,Selenium,Zinc,Beta Carotene and Amino Acids: L-Carnitine,L-Taurine,L-Lysine and Proline.Folic acid,Coq10,B6 and B12 helps keep homocysteine level low.Magnesium Orotate,Hawthorn Berry Extract helps brin relief for palpitations,arrhythamia,senile hearts and coronary disease.
Braggzyme contains systemic Enzymes (Nattokinase & Serrapetase) to help keep blood thin,preventing dangerous blood clots.Take Multi-Digestive Enzyme and Probiotics with meals — aids in digestion,assimilation and elimination.


For sleep problems try 5-HTP tryptophan (an Amino Acid),Melatonin, Clacium,Magnesium,Valerian(In caps,extract or tea),Bragg Vinegar Drink and Sleepytime herb tea.For arthritis or joint pain/stiffness,try Aloe Juice or gel.Braggzyme,Glucosamine-Chondroitin-MSM combo caps and shots,helps healand regenerate.Capsaicin and DMSO lotion helps heal and regenerate.Capsaicin and DMSO lotion helps relieve pain Natural Liver Cleanse to repair and regenerate include Milk Thistle,Dandelion Root,Artichoke and Turmeric,Dandelion Root is a natural diuretic and helps clear toxins through urination and also helps stimulate liver bile flow so waste can be eliminated.

Use amazing antioxidants-E tocotrienols,Vit C,Quercetin,Grape Seed Extract (OPCs),CoQ10,Selenium,SOD,Resveratrol,Alpha-Lipoic Acid,etc.They improve immune system and help flush out dangerous free radicals that cause havoc with slows ageing,fights toxins,helps prevent disease,cancer,cataracts and exhaustion.

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