Enjoy Super Health With Natural Foods

1.RAW FOODS: Fresh fruits and raw vegetables organically grown are always best! Enjoy nutritions variety garde salads with raw vegetables,sprouts,raw nuts and seeds.

Raw Foods


  • Legumes,lentils,brown rice,soybeans,and all beans.
  • Nuts and Seeds,raw and unsalted (lightly roasted is OK)
  • We prefer healthier vegetarian proteins.If you must have animal protein,then be sure it’s hormone-free,and organically fed and no more htan 1 or 2 times a week
  • Dairy products – fertile range-free eggs (not over 6 weekly),unprocessed hard cheese and feta goat’s cheese.
    We do not use dairy products.Try healthier non-dairy soy,rice,coconut and almond milks and soy cheeses,and delicious soy yogurt and soy rice ice cream.
Proteins and Vegetables

3.FRUITS and VEGETABLES: Organically grown is always best,grown without use of poisonous sprays and toxic chemical fertilizers.Urge markets to stock organic produce!
Steam,bake,saute and wok vegetables as short a time as possible to retain best nutritional content,flavor and use raw veggies in salads,sendwiches,etc.Also enjoy fresh juices.


4. 100% WHOLE GRAINS CEREALS,BREADS and FLOURS: They contain important B-

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Complex vitamins,vitamin E,minerals,fiber and the important unsaturated fatty acids.





5.COLD or EXPELLED-PRESSED VEGETABLE OILS: Bragg Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (is best),coconut,avocado,flax and sesame oils are excellent sources of healthy essential,unsaturated fatty acids.We still use oils sparingly.  


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