Five Hidden Toxic Danger in Your Shower

  • Chlorine: Added to all municipal water supplies,this disinfectant hardens arteries,destroy cells and tissues,irritates skin,sinus conditions and aggravates asthma,allergies and respiratory problems.


  • Chloroform: This powerful by-product of chlorination causes excessive free radical formation (a cause of accelerated ageing!),normal cells to mutate and cholesterol to form.It’s a know carcinogen!
  • DCA (Dichloroacedic  acid): This chlorine by-product alters cholesterol metabolisim  and has been shown to cause liver cancer in lab animals.
  • MX (Toxic chlorinated acid): Another by-product of chlorination,MX is know to cause genetic mutations that can lead  to cancer growth and has been found in all chlorinated water for which it was tested.
  • Cause of bladder and rectal cancer: Research proved chlorinated water is direct cause of over 9% of U.S. bladder cancers,15% of rectal cancers and rise in heart disease.


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