The Miracle Powers of Fresh Organic Fruits

Always keep in mind that the most perfect food for man is fresh,ripe organic fruits.Mother Nature,in her unique way,brings together in fruits a marvelous balance.
The fruit are living combinations of vital principles,in high rates of vibration,bio-magnetized,to release the living bulding blocks so necessary to maintain your life!

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Tinted by basking in the rays of the vitalizing sun,taking in draughts of magnetized air,drawing into itself vital minerals through its roots in the earth,delicious,organic fruits are God’s perfect creations for man!

Man can duplicate the natural occuring chemicals of an apple in 3 chemist’s dish,but he can’t construct an apple! Man may analyze the minerals of a cherry,but he doesn’t know what makes it red.He may take apart and try to reconstruct a grape.and find that the grape supports life,but the man-made chemicals do not!

Fruits contain bioelectric principles that give the electric sparks of life! Organic fruits are the most perfect foods from Mother Nature and God. Fruits will support life indefinitely to a superior degree when a body is cleansed and living in a healthy environment.Do ask you grocer to stock healthy organically grown produce!

Who has not bad his mouth water when seeing a luscious dish of delicious,ripe fruit before him- for instance some yellow pears with a dash of pink or a beautifal bunch of tapering grapes,green,blue or red.The sight of fruits and the taste of them,more so bring an abundant secretion of digestive juices.for fruits are the most natural foods! I can say without reserve that fruits are designed beautifully for our digestive tracts!images.jpg

I have seen a sick person turn down all other foods for some freshly squeezed orange juice.His sick body craved the nutrients in juicy oranges.I have seen children torn with fever ask for fruit juice.Why didn’t take they ask for a hot dog? Our Mother Nature’s guidance was in full force!

But diets that consist solely of fruits are impractical for the average American.althorugh they would be splendid for short periods in a tropical climate.While we have come so far from our natural state that we can’t maintain an efficient lifestyle as 100% fruitarians,we still need to eat plenty of fresh fruits! One of the many reasons i love Hawaii are the jescious tropical fruits! Plan Hawaiian vacation soon.Class at beautiful Waikiki Beach area.Honolulu,Hawaii it’s going strong,thousands of Bragg followers from around  the world.

I especially recommend ripe organic bananas,which are not a fattening fruit – as many thought.They are 70% water and are high in potassium.Organic apples of all kinds make excellent eating,as do pears,oranges and the fall,winter and sping ,eat organically grown date,sun-dried figs,raisins,apricots,etc.along with fresh fruits.When you eat fruits,see how light and wonderful you feel and look and your energy zooms!

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