A natural, healing journey ti better health starts with hradual changes for lasting results.

Losing weight is hard. Keeping it off is often harder. BUt whem my doctor told me i was pre-diabetic a few years ago, aI knew the time had come. At age 50 and about 30 pounds overweight, Ihad also developed high blood pressure. My hip and knee joints often ached agter a normal day’s activities, and I was  creeping up into yet another clothing size. Since my mother had died from complications of type 2 diabetes at only 67, I knew I had to make some changes if I didn’t want  to head down the same path. Holistic healing is all about gentle, gradual restoration, so it made sense to use that approach in bringing my bofy back to a healthy weight.

Sure enough in a little more than a year i had shed the extra weight and no longer tested as pre-diabetic. My blood pressure has now returned to normal, and my joints rarely ache, as their load remains lighter. If a year sound like a long time to lose 30 pounds, keep in mind that making abrupt, drastic changes can cause long-term damage, and the resulting weight loss isn’t likely to last. Slow and steady is achievable and sustainable. I am not a medical professional and what worked for me may not work for all. That said, I am happu to share with anyone who is curious how i began my journey to better health.

A Shift in Mindset

I had been aware for many tears that the food we consume can be powerful medicine for restoring and maintaingning good health, but now i gad to act on it. Irealized Iwould never deliberately take the wrong dose of a prescription, ocer-the-counter or herbal medicine that would be dangerous, perhhaps fatal. So why was i doing it with food and dring? As with other medicines, consistently eating the right foods in the right amounts can heal. Consuming too much of any food or beverage no matter how nutritious, does harm. While these medicines do more gradual damege when not ” taken as directed,” the eventual result can be just as harmaful: waight gain, imbalanced blood sugar, higher blood pressure, and digestive and joint problems- not to mention a higher food bill.

Doing the Numbers

I knew I was consuming too much and not exercising enough, but I needed more specific information to make an effective game plan.

I started by weitinf down everything I ate and drank for three days, including approximate portions. No moderating, no judgment-just the reality of my everyday diet. I then looked up the calorie value of each item listed to see how much  I was consuming on an average day. I discovered that I had been taking in between 2,000 and 2,400 cakirues. Based on being overweight and pre-diabetic, it was clearly an overdose for my body-but what was the right dosing?

What’s My Basal Metabolism Rate ( BMR ) ?

U remembered what my nutrition professor had taught me many years ahi about BMR, which is an average of how many calories your body uses on a daily asis. Thankfully, it’s easier ti deternube this figure now, as BMR calculators are available online to help you strike a balance betweeen how much you eat and how much you burn based on your age, weight and normal activity level. If you haven’t done this before, it may be eye-opening ( or possibly discouraging ) to learn how few calories your body needs to function optimally and maintain a healthy weight-even fewer if you want to lose. A good dose of reality is essential, howeverm to making positive, lasting change.

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