Combatting Underweight

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is proving to be one of the greatest health aids known to science. It’s a 100% natural substance produced by powerfull natural enzymes from healthy organic apples, free of any toxic  chemicals !

The underweight person is usually deficient in these powerful enzymes and therefore cannot use or burn up the food that is put into their body. No matter how much fatty food, protein or any other kind of food is ingested, often it is not used properly by the body if important enzymes are missing. Enzyme deficiencies always cause problems !

If underweight, drink the following ACV cocktail each morning upon arising:

2tsps. ACV and 2tsps. honey in a glass of distilled water. Add to this 2 drops of liquid iodine made from seaweed, available in Healthy Stores. Also use Bragg Kelp Seasoning, both add natural iodine, important to the thyroid and body health and helps normalize body weight up or down as needed.

Remember, healthy foods are needed body fuel to enjoy a healthy, long, fulfilled life.

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