Nature’s cold REMEDIES

These effective herbal therapies fortify your immune system cut down on recovery time and diminish symptoms.

Cold are acute viral infections.These troublesome viruses sneter the body through the respiratory tract and attach themselves to cells that line the nose,throat and bronchial tubes,causing us to sneeze,cough and have a stuffy or ranny nose.Mucus production is an attempt to wash the virus out of our cells,and coughing is a way to clear the mucus and virus out of our bodies.
Fever is actually an ally,causing the body to heat up and destroy infection in the body and can make the illness worse,However,children should get medical attention if they have a fever higher than 103 degrees that lasts longer than 12 hours.
The sooner you take action against an infection,the more likely you are to minimize its effects.One is most contagious 24 hours before symptoms manifest.When you feel a cold coming on,stay home  and rest to avoid infecting others.Though colds are most frequent in fall and winter exposure to cold,dampness,wind and rapid temperature changes can all make one more  suscept ible,though these elements do not actually cause the cold.
Cold often lasts from a few days to about a week.if these infections progress.they can become more complicated ailments,such as bronchitis,strep throat or asthma.


Get Enough Liquids

Drink plenty of fluids.Lemon in hot water is beneficial in fighting colds.A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and the same amount of honey in a cup of hot water is an excellent folk remedy that can reduce coughing and phlegm.Berry juices such as mulberry,raspberry and strawberry can be diluted with water and ingested to reduce fever.

Beneficial Foods

in general,eat less when you fee a cold coming on.Avoid dairy products and even wheat for a few days.since they can increase mucus production.Foods that are useful to eat during colds include miso-vegetable or chicken soup,and the more garlic and onions,the better,Eating baked onions cooked with chili powder or curry powder can also be a delicious way to fight off a cold.Some people hold a clove of garlic in their mouths without chewing it to help keep a cold from developing.Use condiments such as cayenne,garlic,ginger,oregano,horseradish and black pepper to relieve congestion and fight infection,especially if feeling chilled.Applesauce with cinnamon and baked winter squash are easily digestible foods to eat when you need nourishment but lack appetite.Cooked broocoli,cabbage,carrots,mustard greens,parsnips and turnips are all beneficial,Certainly during colds it is wise to avoid alcohol (except a small amount in herbal tinctures),fried foods and sugar,which weaken the immune system.Many people have a tendency to drink lots of fruit juices when sick,but juices are actually too sweet,and citrus juices may further irritate a sore throat.


Note: You are most contagious 24 hours before symtoms manifest.When you feel a cold coming on,stay home and rest.

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