• By “real food,” i mean food that would go bad if you left it outside in the air for a couple days.Food that you could hunt,fish,gather,or pluck,When i say this at workshops,i inevitably get the question,”Does that include (fill in the blank)?”My answer is always the same: if you’re not sure if it’s real food,it’s probably not.There ‘s not much to wonder about it,it doesn’t make the
    I happen to believe that the quality of the food we eat matters more than proportion of carbs,fat,and protein.If you cut out the junk,it automatically reduces your carb intake.And if you get food quality right,you automatically improve your microbiome,which can improve everything else.You’re also less likely to have micronutrient deficiencies,which can lead to a host of other health issues.


    Are there tons of ways to work out? You bet Do they have their advantages and disadvantages?
    Yup.But in the bigger scheme of thinks.what matters is that we move our butts.I don’t care if it’s walking,golfing,climbing stairs doing jumping jacks unicycling belly-dancing,juggling,or doing the Macarena.
    And don’t confuse exercise for weight loss with exercise for fitness.A risk daily walk won’t cover of Men’s Health or Shape.but it will grow new brain cells and help reduce the risk of cancer the risk for cancer diabetes depression and heart disease


    On some level.”like seeks like” People who stay about their health.don’t smoke.and exercise regularly are likely to be sorrounded with people who care about the some things.So choose you friends carefully!
    But there’s more to it.When Dan Buettler researched the areas around the world with the greatest number of healthy 100 years olds,he made an astonishing finding While there were a number  of variations in these areas.there was one constant across all of them: social fabric.The people all had strong social realtionships.ties that bound them to neighbors friends and family that were an important part of their lives.There’s reason why people in long-term relationships live longer.Relatonships matter.


    I’m often asked if you really need supplements.I always answer.”No You don’t need supplements,you also don’t need indoor plumbing.But why would you want to do without either of them?”Supplements are just a high-tech way to deliver nutrients that your body needs.And many of those nutrients aren’t available in food(examples,apha-lipoic acid and CoQ10 are notoriously difficult to get from food unless you eat a ton of organ meats.)use-supplements-wisely.jpg
    I consider basic supplementation to include at least fish oil,magnesium,vitamin D,and probiotics Beyond that,one size does not fit all.but some of my favorite add-ons include curcumin,resveratrol.Vitamin K,and CoQ10.

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