Kick The Caffeine Habit

The best natural ways to give up caffeine

is Coffee bad,just okey,or actually beneficial?it makes me feel jittery,so i want to stop drinking it.What can i use to avoid withrawal symptoms?

The quick answer is that as a drug caffeine is better than most.However it’s pretty miserable choice for a beverage.Caffeine is found not only in coffee but in black teas chocolate.carbonated soft drinks ,and even herbal”energy boosters”that contain guarana.

Caffeine Concerns 
Caffeine is extremly vasoconstricting meaning that it narrows the blood vessels-especially the tiny ones found in the brain .kidneys retina,and extremities–thus inhibiting optimal blood flow  and oxygen delivery to the body’s tissues.Caffeine can cause a short term decrease in insulin sensitivity(although moderate coffee consumption is associated with a reduced risk of developing diabetes).And consuming along with carbohydrate-rich foods can raise blood sugar levels more than consuming carbs alone.
“whipping a tired horse”.Your blood  pressure goes up your cholesterol goes up,you risk for osteoporosis increases,and your blood sugar cotrol is compromised plus,caffeine is extremly dehydrating.This is because it’s basically poisonous to the we’ll dump all available fluid into the intestinal tract to dilute it before it hits the bloodstream.

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Research on coffee does come up with some positives,but this has nothing to do with caffeine.Coffee’s benefits are partly due to the antioxidant content of the beans.

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If you’re thinking about giving up your morning brew,you will likely get withdrawal headaches (from the rebound vasodilation–too much blood flow to the brain as the vasoconstricting effect wears off) for 3-10 days.During this time,stay extra-hydrated with water(the best drink).herbal teas and bone broths,ideally homemade.You can also chew on mint leaves,suck on ginger root,sprinkle cayenne pepper on everything(1/8 tsp.max per drink or meal serving) exercise more,or lie down in a dark room with an ice pack.

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