Avoid Refined,Processed,Unhealthy Foods!

Eliminate refined,white flour products and white sugar products entirely.Eat no mushy.dead,refined cereals or those dry sugared cereals,etc.are unhealthy despite some being  enriched with chemically produced vitamins and minerals,(Health stores carry natural organic whole grains cereals,granola,breads,rolls,pastas,even pastries.)
Avoid these foods : Fried,salted,refined,preserved and chemicalized foods;coffee.black and green (caffeine) teas,cola,soft drinks,sugared drinks and alcohol drinks: overcooked,over-salted vegetables and salted,creamed and white flour-thickened soups.

Note: You can be a sawage system when eating unhealthy,highly processed foods,Remember,live organic foods produce healthy,living,live people!

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