Vegetaroams Are Healthier and Live Longer

Most uninformed nutritionists call meat the #1 source of protein. Those proteins coming from the vegetable kingdom are reffered to as the #2 proteins. This is a sad an terrible mistake! It should be the other way around! In this day and age, almost all meat is laden with herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and other chemicals that are sprayed on or poured into the feed which these animals consume! They are also pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, growth stimulators and toxic drugs to fatten them up and keep them from dying from the unhealthy conditions they live in! Beware of all animal products!

Many studies show people who lower blood cholesterol leves by diet can slow, or even reverse Atherosclerosis and cut ris of a heart attack.

Vegetables are key to staying healthy. They are  chock-full of fiber and antioxidants which trap the free-radical molecules that cause cancer.

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