Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar For Feet-Combatting Corns,Cellouses and Warts

  • Corns and Callouses: First soak affected areas in warm water with 1/3 cup ACV for 20 min.After soek,rub areas briskly with coarse towel,then gently use a pumice stone.Now apply full-strengh ACV-soaked gauze bandage overnight,and in the morning prepare a fresh ACV soaked bandage for daytime use.These treatments help soften and dissolve corns and callouses.Check shoes for comfort and fit.Wrong shoes are main cause of corns,callouses,bunions and blisters.For casual wear.Birkenstock shoes are great and use orthotic inserts when needed.GIve yourself weekly pedicures,messages and exercise feet daily.Doing this while watching TV is ideal.Treat yourself to foot relfexology therapy.Walking barefoot on sand,grass and at home is beneficial.Be good to your feet – they carry you through life! We kept famous foot Dr.Scholl going strong.healthy and alert to almost 100 years young!


  • Common Warts: Use ACV treatments,please use caution: do not rub warts,as this could spread them! After soaking,use ACV-soaked gauze,cover with waterproof tape,keep gauze on overnight,in morning,for daytime treatment,apply a castor oil- soaked gauze bandage.At night you can alternate ACV with vitamin E.Do daily until completely gone.Combination treatments work miracles readers write! If warts still become a problem,some doctors freeze them with liquid nitrogen.This methods is fast,safe,easy and usually leaves no scars.

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