Stop Dying – Start Healthy Living Now!

The Bible tells us that ….
The Kingdom Of Heaven is withing us

I thoroughly belive this statement! We can make this body we live in either a kingdom of heaven on Earth or we can make it a torture chamber.It’s all up to you! After childhood,the kind of body you live in is strictly up to you! i cannot live your life for you! Nor can anyone else! You are a mature adult,and you must face the realities of life.I am sure you have the willpower and desire to follow The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle,so start now on the Royal Road to Higher Health- start today!


This is the Bragg  Master Bluepring to greater physical perfection becouse it works with the Laws of God and Mother Nature,and they make no compromises! You either follow them or they break you! You can’t break a Natural Law or God’s Law.for it will break you in time!

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